Main aesthetic medicine techniques :

Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine is a quick and non-invasive preventative cosmetic procedurethat helps manage the normal effects of aging.It does not require an operating table nor general anesthesia.

It can intervene in the treatment of the wrinkles and the scars, ageing of the face and body, disgracious skin.

Minimal side effects, swelling, painless, bruises, and only local anesthesia.

Dr Philippe Legaillard has been practicing Botox injections in Bordeaux since 1996.

Botox is certainly one of the most revolutionary treatments discovered recently as it is simple to administer and gives spectacular results.

Botox was originally used extensively as treatment for stiff necks and eyelid spasms.

The botulinic toxin (Botox injection) has now extended its application to reduce the wrinkles on the face.

These treatments are equally applicable for men and women, useful from the moment of the appearance of their first wrinkle. The technique is particularly used to treat wrinkles on the top of the face.

In addition to exemplary top of face effectiveness, Botox constitutes an good complementary treatment in the event of surgery to lower zones of the face. Thus we can often avoid a frontal facelift using this simple protocol.

Botox despite its low risk remains a compound only to be used by professionally qualified specialists who know in depth the possibilities of correct dosage and critical injection points.

The key target of this treatment is not to alter the original expression of the face but to intervene on specific zones or wrinkles for an optimum and natural result.

This treatment is effective in 5 days with a stabilized and optimal result in 10 days.

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