Face and neck surgery

Plastic surgery

The aim of plastic surgery in general is the renovation and/or the remodeling of the face and the silhouette of subjects in good health..
This is different from reconstructive and repair surgery, which is to restore what nature, disease or a trauma has taken away or deformed.

Only doctors qualified in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and registered by the order are allowed to practice this specialty.

There are many techniques and non surgical alternatives in cosmetic surgery which can be proposed according to each case.

Rhinoplasty Bordeaux

This prevailing intervention is one of the most difficult ones, and requires a lot of preciseness and technical operative skills for a very natural outcome. Dr Legaillard is considered as an expert in this field.

This procedure involves a general anesthesia, in "ambulatory" or with one night of hospitalization. It is painless and requires a nose plaster splint for a few days. A septoplasty is sometimes associated in case of breathing problems.

Th rhinoplasty corrects the form and aesthetically reshapes and enhances the nose to restore balance and harmony to the face, .

An alternative to this surgery in the most simple cases would be injections of hyalorunic acid or hydroxyapatite (Radiesse).

  • 2 pre-operative consultations with scanner
  • a photographic record
  • a scanner
  • one night of hospitalization
  • return to social life after a week
  • painless
  • choose the right experienced surgeon with great surgical skills

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