Breast surgery

Plastic surgery

The aim of plastic surgery in general is the renovation and/or the remodeling of the face and the silhouette of subjects in good health.

This is different from reconstructive and repair surgery,which is to restore what nature, disease or a trauma has taken away or deformed.

Only doctors qualified in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and registered by the order are allowed to practice this specialty.

There are many techniques and non surgical alternatives in cosmetic surgery which can be proposed according to each case.

Dr Legaillard's practice combines the most effective current techniques of intervention to provide, with a very developed artistic and aesthetic sense, the best solutions for the needs of his patients.
Dr Legaillard has been practicing breast augmentation surgery for over 20 years in Bordeaux.

Breast correction may be carried out with or without mammary implants.

Today, an increase in breast size uses mammary prosthesis which are round or anatomical made out of silicone-gel, or using a technique without implant by lipofilling (this technique has strict criteria according to the age of the patient).


Breast plastic surgery is a safe and time tested procedure, but it also requires extreme aestheticism and sensitivity. Every patient is unique, and the results they anticipate must be catered for individually in order to attain the patient's ideal.

The Expression of femininity ...Breast surgery interventions practiced by Doctor Philippe Legaillard are based principally on the ethos of aestheticism and of beauty than purely results based on technical and safety considerations, in order to attain the best results of long term wellbeing and self confidence.

Mammary increase by Dr Legaillard, Bordeaux

Breast implants, using any of the techniques (by way of axillary, peri nipple or per areolar or under mammary), requiresone night of hospitalization.

The prostheses are generally placed behind the pectoralis muscle, sometimes beneath the breast gland or dual plan.
All volumes and all the forms are possible.
The pursuit of each patients initial aims aided by research of an ideal of aesthetic harmony and female balance dictates the choice of the surgical technique to be used byDoctor Legaillard, with or without data-processing assistance.

Several consultations are often desirable for a perfectly defined project.
A surgical bra must be worn for 3 weeks after the intervention. Post-operative pains are now perfectly managed.

In practice:

Mammary increase by prosthesis:

- 1 night of hospitalization
- Post-operative regular Follow-up
- Post operative bra for 3 weeks
- Resumption of sport possible after 6 weeks.

Mammary increase by lipofilling (associated with a liposuccion):
-Compressive Clothing on the liposuction zone
- Bra for 3 weeks
- Strict Selection criteria

In all the above cases, prevention of scarring by massages and treatment which minimizes scar tissue.
Check up after 3 months.

Practical information on breast augmentation


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