Breast surgery


Plastic surgery

The aim of plastic surgery in general is the renovation and/or the remodeling of the face and the silhouette of subjects in good health.

This is different from reconstructive and repair surgery,which is to restore what nature, disease or a trauma has taken away or deformed.

Only doctors qualified in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and registered by the order are allowed to practice this specialty.

There are many techniques and non surgical alternatives in cosmetic surgery which can be proposed according to each case.

The purpose of this surgical operation is the reduction of the volume of the breasts, the correction of the ptosis or asymmetric breasts, in order to obtain two harmonious reduced, symmetrical and remodeled breasts in proportion with the body.

Mammary reduction, principles

The intervention carries out the ablation of glandular pedicle
and then trim and re-drape the skin envelope into a new breast of natural size, shape, and contour, with scars either upon the breast hemisphere or around the nipple-areola.

In practical:

Mammary reduction, ptosis with or without implants:

- 1 night of hospitalization
- general anesthesia
- Post-operative regular Follow-up
- Post operative bra for 3 weeks
- Resumption of sport possible after 6 weeks.
-prevention of scarring by massages and treatment which minimizes scar tissue.


Practical information on breast reduction


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