Wisdom means also to propose, if you are not laid out with surgery, some of the softer techniques. Because only your wellness exists, harmony and satisfaction matter to us.

Therefore, you are consequently the guarantors of our notoriety, we owe you confidence, listening, serious and respect.

This is the true beauty !

The Consultation

The consultation is mandatory, as an essential step within the process of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

The consultation is the first step in plastic and aesthetic surgery. In order to understand each individual project and identify the needs, Dr Legaillard scrupulously follows 3 key steps dictated by ethical and deontological rules.

First step, information and clinical examination

It is the first contact between the patient and the surgeon. During this meeting, the patient explains her/his needs and expectations. Dr Legaillard will first listen and examine the patient, look in her/his medical history and pathology what could dissuade from a surgical procedure or enforce safety precaution.

The surgeon will then give the patient clear and loyal information on the protocoles used for that intervention, will explain the process, and will define the medical follow up from the intervention acceptance to the post-operative care and procedures.

He is not here to judge but to advise due to his long experience.
He will focus on the most suitable intervention for each personal and invidual case.

The surgeon will give the patient a clear and detailed estimate. This important step allows the surgeon to assess the relevance of the patient's request, it allows the patient to express her/his feelings and expectations, and get all necessary information in writing.

Second step, the reflection

This is the second step. The patient takes time to really determine whether she/he is ready to follow the intervention protocoles. This reflection period is essential to maximise the success of the project.

It is indeed after a careful consideration that the surgeon actually schedules a plastic surgery and thus meets the needs of the patients.

No-one should undergo a plastic surgery on a whim, it is the result of a long and thoughtful introspection in order to optimise the future physical changes.

Other consultations are proposed, as often as necessary.

Third step, the preparation

This is the pre-operative step. A visit to the anesthetist is mandatory for interventions with regional or general anesthesia. It has to take place between 2 days and 2 months prior to the date of the surgery.

Dr Legaillard will give her/his patient the last modalities for the intervention.

He will take all the measurements, when necessary prescribe additional examination (such as xrays, IRM, scanner) in order to complete his preparation.

With the help of drawings and thanks to a developped artistic sense, Dr Legaillard will be able to give her/his patient an idea of the final result.

It is only after these 3 steps that an intervention can be scheduled.

The post operative care and follow-up Les consultations se poursuivent dans le cadre du suivi post opératoire avec moi-même et mes assistantes, pour les pansements qui se font au cabinet et des soins post-opératoires pour optimiser les résultats.

Additional post operative care can be carried out at Aesthemedica, such as drainage, LPG, radiofrequency, laser, pulsed light, osteopathy, etiopaty...

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