Ethical references

  • Member of the "Société française de Chirurgie Plastique, Reconstructrice et Esthétique".
  • Active member of the "Chapître de chirurgie esthétique"
  • Member of the "Collège français de Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructrice & Esthétique"
  • Member of the "Société française des Chirurgiens Esthétiques Plasticiens"
  • President of the "Association des Chirurgiens Esthétiques de la Région Aquitaine".
  • Attaché des hôpitaux de Bordeaux, gynecological surgery dept - Hôpital St André de Bordeaux.
  • Graduated from "Ecole des Beaux-Arts", Bordeaux.

Plastic and aesthetical surgery, Bordeaux
Doctor Legaillard

In his own private professional practice since 1996, Dr Legaillard's name has definitely made its place amongst the greastest plastic surgeons of the region, due to his large experience and his skills acquired with the best surgeons.

Regular international conferences and seminars with specialized surgeons allow his attentive team to stick as closely as possible to the innovative technical developments and changes for the immediate benefit of a demanding clientele.


1978 - 1984 : Medical studies in Lyon, France

1984 - 1990 : Internship in surgery, Bordeaux. DES diploma of plastic and aesthetic reconstructive surgery. Humanitarian missions in India and Viet Nam.

1990 - 1991 : Various experiences in the United States and Canada in the best hospitals (New York, Rochester, Chicago, Dallas). Graduated from the New York University Medical Center (Fellow).

1992 : Ph.D. in medicine.

1991 - 1995 : Head of Clinic - Assistant of the Bordeaux hospitals. Plastic and aesthetical reconstructive surgery dept.

1994 : Graduated from the "Collège Français de chirurgie plastique reconstructrice et esthétique".

Since January 1996 : Doctor Philippe Legaillard has been exercising plastic and aesthetical reconstructive surgery in his private professional practice in Bordeaux, and within "Clinique Tivoli", the best aesthetical clinic of the region. Graduated in plastic and aesthetical reconstructive surgery by the "Conseil de l'Ordre des Médecins" under n° 331092239.
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