Wisdom means also to propose, if you are not laid out with surgery, some of the softer techniques. Because only your wellness exists, harmony and satisfaction matter to us.

Therefore, you are consequently the guarantors of our notoriety, we owe you confidence, listening, serious and respect.

This is the true beauty !

Philosophy - ethics

This experience gained in plastic and reconstructive surgery from thousands of patients and more than 20 years in hospitals and private practice, has made me evolve in the true sense of the term "philosophy", the love and research of wisdom.

Wisdom, in our profession, is

  • To inquire and advice you the best.

  • To put ourself in your place : what would I do for myself or for my family? Will I actually meet the expectations of the person I have in front. This attitude can ask the right indication for surgery, choosing the right technique, simple, soft or more worked out, not to operate at all costs beacuse you are unique.

  • To know the last techniques : I travel a lot and keep on meeting my colleagues abroad who practice differently, in order to enrich my knowledge and make my own opinion.

  • To pose the best indication with an artistic and human eye.

  • To choose the right operational procedure and equipment for you, in order to obtain the most natural and durable results that will best meet your needs. My approach is of humanistic, scientific and artistic ethics.

  • Be patient : see you as many times as necessary in order to make the right decision and also to accompany you after.

This is why I am surrounded by a variety of people with the same philosophical direction : perfectly trained secretaries, highly qualified clinical assistants, high technology clinic, approved by the supervisory authorities, postoperative follow-up.
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