An attentive, experienced and well trained team

A serious, confidential and personal attention from each member of the team around our patient.

A very attentive staff from Clinic Tivoli, ensuring a top quality service and follow up, with the safest technical equipment, and especially a high security post operative recovery room.

A dedicated service to plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Dr Philippe Legaillard

Chirurgien plastique reconstructrice et esthétique Bordeaux

In his own private professional activity since 1996, his high skills and wide experience allow Dr Philippe Legaillard to be listed amongst the greatest plastic surgeons in Bordeaux.

Bilingual french english.


Operating assistant.
Plastic surgeon
Trilingual french, english, arab
Post-operative care and follow-up


Bilingual administrative assistant
Meets all the administrative problems.


Administrative assistant
She answers all questions in order to make your stay as easy as possible.

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